Meeting of the IROs Forum Network, 9-10 March 2020

The meeting hosted by the University of Bielsko-Biała was a great opportunity for the universities associated with IROs Forum network to discuss current issues related to the internationalization of higher education, share good practices and strengthen the cooperation with representatives of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA).

The meeting was an opportunity to honour Katarzyna Aleksy, Head of the Department of Programmes for Institutions, with the Barbara Centkowska Award of the IROs Forum, for her special contribution to the internationalization of Polish universities, an example of good practice and excellent cooperation with IROs Forum universities. Congratulations to the winner . We wish further success in the internationalization of Polish higher education

Many thanks to the Director of NAWA, Łukasz Wojdyga for participating at the meeting and NAWA for providing the training to participants in the submission of applications and implementation of projects offered by the Agency.

Hope to see you soon !