The Barbara Centkowska Award of the IROs Forum for Prof. Michal Seweryński

On 6 March 2013, the 2012 Barbara Centkowska Award of the IROs Forum was presented to Prof. Michal Seweryński during a conference on the internationalization of Polish universities, which was held at the seat of the Polish Senate.

The award was established in 2011 to honour outstanding contribution to the internationalization of education at Polish universities.

Prof. Michal Sewerynski, Rector of the University of Lodz (1990-1996), Minister of Education and Science (2005-2006), Minister of Science and Higher Education (2006-2007), Senator since 2011, has been presented with the award for his remarkable involvement in the legislative process leading to the further internationalization of Polish higher education and research, and for his activities promoting Polish science abroad through speaking at international conferences and delivering lectures as a visiting professor at universities in Europe, America and Asia